Project Design

Bring Order to Project Estimates and Bids

Automate and accelerate the project cost estimate process, while ensuring that estimates are always data-driven and consistent from one project to the next.

Project Design Features

Automated Calculations Estimate instantly the cost of pavement improvements on any given roadway segment. Know right away if a project is within parameters for costs like incentives and engineering. Make project decisions with confidence.

Asset Info Flyout Inspect roadway assets digitally — without leaving your desk — with easy access to rich asset information and images. For even greater context, take a virtual tour of the asset and its surroundings, using Google Street View.

Spreadsheet Export Ensure that all vendor bids are uniformly formatted with the same data gathered. Enjoy the ability to compare vendor bids apples-to-apples, improve the accuracy of estimates, and maximize return on taxpayer funds.

Report Generator Generate a single PDF report with all key pieces of information, including cost of materials, engineering costs, and overhead costs. Spend less time gathering data and more time making more data-driven decisions.

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