AASHTOWare Safety

The trusted leadership of AASHTO, the speed and power of SaaS

What do you get when you combine the expertise of AASHTO with the innovation of Numetric? A best-of-both-worlds traffic safety analytics solution that modern DOTs need to make roads safer than ever before.

Introducing AASHTOWare Safety. Powered by Numetric

Numetric is AASHTOWare’s new official Traffic Safety Analytics solutions provider. By combining the credibility and community of AASHTO with the power, speed, and innovation of our SaaS platform, we can give you faster, easier access to the tools you need to unlock your data and solve your state’s most pressing traffic safety challenges.


Easy to license

By leveraging existing AASHTOWare agreements in your state, you can license Numetric through the AASHTOWare Catalog and join others in the AASHTOWare Safety community to deploy a traffic safety analytics solution in weeks—not months or years.

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Easy to deploy

Numetric’s world-class customer success team prepares your datasets for fast, reliable analysis in our Traffic Safety Analytics Platform and then guides your team step by step through implementation, training, and improvements.

Easy to use

Numetric never stops delivering new features and improvements to allow DOT team members at all levels to use our solutions and unlock their data to solve their traffic safety challenges.

A community of problem-solvers

Numetric works closely with both the AASHTO and AASHTOWare Safety committees on new feature ideas, platform requests, product roadmap items, training and change management needs to ensure our roadmap is always strategically aligned to your greatest needs.

Learn how you can become data-driven with Numetric

Request a custom demo today to see how our platform, suite of apps, and data expertise can unlock the value of your data, drive greater confidence and consensus with your stakeholders, and allow you to maximize your safety ROI.